Lansings HVAC Company

We are the #1 premiere heating, ventilation & air conditioning company.
Whether you need new furnaces or furnace repair to latest heating / heat pump replacement for the cold Michigan winter months, to hvac air conditioning service including affordable air conditioning repair & install we got you covered. Our goal is simple, to make sure homeowners have ideal temperature control in their homes and be able to stay very comfortable regardless of the outside weather!

Air conditioning Experts, why do you want professional service?
air conditioner maintenance & repair service can actually make your units last longer & save money on the long run. we may replace hvac air filters that will help the efficiency of the machine, we can even inspect portable air conditioning units, auto & car air conditioning repair as well. For your homes we give the most affordable central air conditioning cost to repair or replace.

Heating Experts, why hire All Star Mechanical?

For those that still own furnaces, we can definitely help, but remember we also carry highly efficient home heating systems. Its not about just compressors, heat exchanges and valves. It’s about the upstairs bedroom being the same temperature as downstairs living room. It’s about having a home that retains heat properly and regulates a comfortable temperature no matter what time of the day.